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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Amazing Emma!

Emma is one amazing kid.  She has no fear, and we spend several times in the day saying, "Emma, get off of that!", "Emma, don't climb on that!", "Emma, please stay still for a minute!".  She's an active kid, she needs lots of opportunities to use all that energy she was blessed with.

We've been looking for something that would interest her, and recently we found a perfect opportunity for Emma to use her talents.  She is in a beginning gymnastics class.

Finally, we've found a place she is asked to run, climb, jump, as much as she wants!  This is her first day of gymnastics, and as you can see, she took to it quite easily.

Now she waits all week for Monday to come around, when she gets to go to gym class.  She wakes up on Monday saying "This is the best day ever!"  

Now for her next class she was more properly attired, and she felt like a rock star!  She absolutely loves it!  It's really cute to watch her.  She is actually really good at all the little activities, and a little impatient with the other children.  We're learning to encourage our other friends who are scared of the balance beam, instead of just saying "hurry up, I wanna go again!".  Yeah... no patience.  But she does cheer for everyone once they do accomplish their goal.  "See?  I told you you could do it!  Good job!"  

That's my Emma.  She is my favorite Emma in the entire world.

Today she explained to me the reason she falls so much is not because she's not careful while she's doing her "tricks", it's because of gravity!  "Gravity is really strong, mommy, it just pulls you down really hard.  That's why I keep falling.  Gravity is everywhere, you know."

I told you she was amazing! :)

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