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Friday, February 1, 2013

Memorable Monopoly

Last week for family home evening we had a very special event:  our very first Monopoly game as a family.
Russ has talked about how well he remembers the very first time he played Monopoly, and how exciting it was that he was included in such a grown up game.  Well, the girls were pretty excited too!  I mean, they were dealing with money here!  

Monopoly is a dangerous game!  All of a sudden we saw a side of Anna we had never seen before... greed! The little stinker wanted to build as many hotels as possible in all her properties, and was willing to trade, barter, negotiate, whatever, for the best spots (deemed by her) on the board.  

Emma had a different focus.  She wanted to make sure we were the "doggy" piece on the board, and she really liked having all the trains.  So we did.  Anna partnered with Russ, Emma partnered with me.  It was a hilarious experience.  To much of everyone's surprise, and in spite of Russ' s great strategic maneuvers, Emma and I ended up winning the game.  I mean... we had all four train lines! :)

Sometimes it makes me sad how much my little girls are growing, and all the cute and sweet little baby things I will never get to experience again.  But then I thank my Heavenly Father for sweet little experiences like this.  They're getting big, and we have a lifetime full of "firsts" to enjoy with them still, including the first time we played Monopoly.


Adrian said...

oh sweet! let's hear it for the 'sentimental' strategy!!

Nicholette said...

I bet that was so much fun! :)