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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Perfect Moment

Today we had a perfect moment.  There are no pictures to share, no major event to describe, just a perfect moment.

The kids are playing outside.  Russ is fixing something on the car.  I'm handing him things, and watching the girls.  They're running and laughing.

Russ and I are chatting.  We talk about how cute it is that instead of telling each other to "stop" during their game, they say "pause".  Smile.  "Anna, pause for a minute! :)"  It's cute.

We flirt.  We kiss.  We check on the car again.  The girls are running and laughing.  We're just all content.  We're all happy.  We're all together.  Life isn't perfect, we are fixing a car, after all.  But this moment...  this is the stuff I wished for.  This was my dream coming true right now.  This was a perfect moment.  I feel overwhelmed by the blessing of this one simple moment.

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Adrian said...

Thanks for sharing.