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Monday, February 25, 2013

Fun times in February

Here are some of the latest things our family has been up to:

We received lots of love for Valentine's Day from our family in Utah:
Thanks to our cute cousins for sending us their love!  We miss you Kate and Madi!

Thanks to our cousins Jack and Lily for sending us their love.  We miss you so much!

Emma and her "BFF Forever" Madi, at their field trip to a chocolate factory!  It was so much fun!  These two very smart kids realized that they could keep going round and round in line to keep getting chocolate dipped pretzel samples.  

Emma working very hard on her chocolate pizza.  This was really cute.  

Emma and Anna had their first Shine Your Light Singers performance at the Peoria Farmer's Market.  They are great little singers!

Anna got all dressed up as Cleopatra and her balloon snake, just for fun.  You never know what characters you'll find over at our house at any time.  We pretend and dress up a lot around here.

I also managed to be in a car accident this month.  I'm very sad that my gray car is no longer on the road, he would have been 10 years old next year.  A moment of silence for the car that drove both my babies home from the hospital.
So sad.  The driver's side got the most impact, you can't tell from this, but the driver's side door can't even open.  We are still dealing with trying to get this figured out.  No one was hurt, this is more of a really big frustration...  Fortunately I was not at fault in this little ordeal... :)  I'm a good driver, I promise! :)

Anna has been busy with Girl Scout Cookie season lately as well, we sure have enjoyed encouraging her as she earns badges and reaches goals and makes new friends. 

All in all February has been very fun.  Fun and a lot warmer than February 2012.  :)  We love Arizona winters!

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Adrian said...

I'm glad you weren't hurt in the accident! Sad to see your gray car go... I remember how excited YOU were in TXK to get a new car. :)

Sounds like you're having so much fun! I wish we could find a fun singing group like you guys did.