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Friday, January 25, 2013

I Love You Book

Today my girls gave me one of my all time favorite things they ever gave me.  They made me a book, illustrated and written by Anna, with Emma's collaboration on choice of colors for the pictures.  This book is so precious I had to save it here.

I can't express how happy this book made me!  I do have to make some clarifications...  On the 5th page she talks about me crying like a cloud and I'm holding something that says "crack".  That's supposed to be a broken laptop.  I don't want anyone to think mommy has a crack pipe and cries like a cloud while she's high, or something to that effect.  :)  We had a talk once about when you do things to be mean it would make me sad, like when Emma jumped on my laptop and it cracked... that really happened.  She did it during a temper tantrum, but later felt very badly about it.

I'm one lucky mommy.  My girls can write an entire book on things they love about me.  I sure feel loved.


Amy said...

Love this. Especially the part about you and crak. And yes, I read your clarification. But still. Hilarious. You have some sweet girlies!

Adrian said...

What a treasure! And I love the dresses!