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Monday, January 21, 2013

I beat you, Justin Bieber - for now anyway...

This week we had a very interesting experience.  (These are my personal thoughts and preferences and opinions about parenting, and since this is my blog, I get to express them here, and this will sound judgmental, oh well).  Anna was invited to a birthday party by one of her BFFs this weekend.  She was so excited to go, and they were going to have this awesome lady called "Jungle Jill" come to the party with some exotic animals. It was going to be the coolest party EVER!

Once we arrived, the entire house was decorated not like jungle animals like the invitation that was sent home, but with posters of this boy... Justin Bieber.  As soon as we walked in Anna looked at me and asked me, "who is that guy?"  Her friend welcomed her and went on to tell her about how much she loved Justin Bieber.  They got "Justin Tattoos".  Anna asked if she could get one, and I said yes, but then she came over and whispered to me, "this will come out soon, right?"  That made me smile.

Usually when Anna goes to a birthday party I drop her off and pick her up later, but this day when the mom said, "you're welcome to stay if you want", I followed my gut and said, "thank you, I will!".

Later on they decided to turn on a video of a Justin Bieber concert.  The birthday girl and some of her friends all knew the lyrics and started dancing and singing.  As they started dancing I felt my jaw drop slightly.  Were these little girls at a birthday party or girls on a night out in a club trying to catch men?  Holy cow!  Anna sat next to me eating a slice of pizza off of a paper plate with JB"s face on it, when she came to the conclusion that this "Justin guy" and I, her mother, had one big thing in common...  we had the same taste in haircuts.  HAHAHA!  It's true! :)

We were so happy when Jungle Jill showed up.  Anna had an amazing time!  All the kids did.  They talked about animals, got to be around some really cool lizards, porcupines, snakes, parrots, bunnies, squirrels, ferrets...  It was AWESOME!  They were little kids having fun.  Justin was not a part of it.

Soon enough we were back to Justin.  More dancing, only this time the mom and some older family members joined in the fun.  Now I know where the BFF got it from.  After that we opened gifts.  Our BFF got lots of make-up, stick on nails, hair highlighting kits, glittery lip-gloss, neon nail polish, and a toy puppy from Anna, that walks and barks and comes with a leash.  Oops.  They were very sweet about it, and she genuinely seemed happy about the gift.

After cake and some more Justin worshiping it was time to go home.  They had a cute goody bag for Anna, she thanked them, and we started driving home.  In the car she opened the bag and found bright blue nail polish, a sparkly nail file, some JB rings and bracelets, and my favorite, blue body glitter.

I asked Anna if she had fun, and she said yes, so much fun!  When I asked her about what was fun she talked about Jungle Jill.  I was there, but she described the entire show to me all over again.  She also said that she had no idea who Justin Bieber is, and she thought her BFF was kind of silly for liking this boy so much.  Everyone knows boys are sooooooo dumb anyway.  Why would anyone want to hang a picture of a boy in their room and stare at them all the time!  Yuck! :)

At that moment my heart was full.  I beat you Justin.  She's still MY LITTLE GIRL, for now.  When she's 11 or 12, I'm sure there will be another Justin type person around, and by then maybe boys won't be sooooo dumb.  And I will listen to every song he comes out with, and I will swoon when she swoons, and I will dance when she wants to dance.  But for now, I win.  At least for a few more years. This is too much fun for me to want to fast forward it in any way.

Stay sweet and little my adventurous, brave Anna.  Snakes are cool, Justin... nah.  


Adrian said...

yes! let's hear it for innocence! and jungle jill!

Nicholette said...

Look at that brave kid holding a snake! Go Anna, you're awesome!