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Friday, January 18, 2013

Legendary and Magical

We were discussing full names at dinner today with the kids.  Since Anna, Emma, and Vanessa all have the same middle and last name, the girls were surprised to learn that mine was not the same.  After we learned that some names come from mommy's family and others from daddy's family, the following discussion resulted:

Anna: So where did "Sperry" come from?
Emma:  Jesus!
Daddy (smiling): Well, actually it came from your grandpa's grandpa's grandpa's grandpa's......way back to someone who came up with the name.  My father told me that legend has it they think it might have meant "spear carrier".
(long pause)
(Anna's face and eyes suddenly light up!)
Anna:  Wow! That means our family is magic!
Daddy:  What makes you say that?
Anna:  Because we are a legend!


Nicholette said...

So Anna. :) We miss those girls!

Adrian said...

I always knew there was something special about you!