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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Some more Christmas stuff

This holiday season was full of fun performances for Anna.  Here are some pictures of the second grade Holiday Celebration.  They sang about each and every holiday, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas.  They were all very excited, and us parents were all very proud.

Before they started, Anna was having fun hanging out with her BFFs, which is a term she uses quite often lately.  It also amuses me that the friends included in the "BFF" category seem to change every week... She cracks me up!

My cute Emma didn't get to perform this year, but she sure was adorable as she encouraged her "Pretty Princess Anna". :)

Second Grade Songs of the Season!

She's so cute and petite... :)  

The highlight of the presentation for me was a new version of Jingle Bells that the kids sang, called the "Arizona Jingle Bells".  Of course, I got the lyrics to share:

"Dashing through the sand,
With his Jeep well in command,
O'er the rocks and brush
Santa's in a rush!

Most towns all have white snow
But Surprise has hot sand.
That won't stop old Santa Claus
4-wheelin' is his plan

Jingle bells, lizard tails
Hot and sunny day!
Santa's here in desert town
But he cannot stay.
Jingle bells, lizard tails
Hot and sunny day!
Santa's Jeep is filled with toys
So everything's okay!"

Very cute Rudolphs.

Daddy and Emma were sure enjoying the show, and so was I.

This is after the second performance of the "Shine Your Light Singers".  Anna and her buddy Kinley with Emma and her buddy Molly.

Another BFF! :)

Here are our awesome cookies we made and decorated during the Christmas break.  This was so much fun!

And the funniest of all is Scooter, our cat, who decided she lives under the Christmas tree.  Even on Christmas morning, with all the presents underneath, she stood her ground.  We believe she thinks she's a present.  Crazy cat.

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Adrian said...

Yay for Christmas concerts! And I love Scooter's new home!