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Friday, January 4, 2013

Bowling - Goodbye 2012!

So what did the Super Sperrys do to celebrate the coming of a new year?  We went bowling!  It was a great family outing, and the girls had so much fun!

Russ showing his mad bowling skills.  

My sweeties.  They were so excited!  They got to wear cool shoes!  That's so awesome.

Yes, I bowled too...  more like gutter bowling.  The gentleman sitting next to us (not Russ), was getting nervous at all my gutter balls, I could tell he really wanted to come give me some tips.  Noticing that my bad bowling made him nervous was really amusing to me, which made me pull off some really bad moves on purpose just to see his reaction!  (I know, I've got a strange sense of humor)  

Anna and Emma were really good at cheering for everyone, no matter what!  They got to have bumpers for their turn.  Anna and I were tied at the end :)

Emma wanted to choose different colors every time it was her turn, until she realized they didn't all weigh the same. :)

The cute Sperrys!

The crazy Sperrys!

Happy 2013!!! 

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Adrian said...

Your kids are so lucky to be your kids!