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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas - 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with all your family and loved ones.  We have loved our sunny Christmas here in AZ.

Here is a post with a ton of pictures of our Christmas morning.  Since this blog is also my way to keep our families memories, I am posting a ton of pictures.  The best part of Christmas is seeing the joy in our kids faces on Christmas morning.  The day started out a little later than I thought, 7:30 am and we started our celebrating.
Last night was Xavier's last night with us.  He held baby Jesus all day, and he also opened one of our treats and helped himself.  Xavier loved to eat.

This morning as the girls ran downstairs they found a goodbye note from Xavier, saying how much he loved them and he'll see them next year.  They were a little sad, until...

They saw that Santa came!!!!  

Emma and Anna gave each other some Christmas presents this year.  Emma got Anna a new "Ken" doll, since Bonnie chewed her prince charming up...  Anna was thrilled that Emma remembered!  

Anna packed a stuffed doggie that Emma had been coveting for a long time, and gave it to her for Christmas.  Emma was touched.  It was so cute!  She said she really wanted that doggie for her collection.

From Santa, Emma asked for a Veterinarian kit to take care of all her toy dogs.  There it is! 

Anna wanted Merida, the new Brave Princess doll, that came with a bow and arrows.  She's so excited!  Santa brought her what she asked!

Emma also asked for a Brave Princess.  She got the one that came with three little bears.  So cute!  Thanks Santa!

Oh, Santa remembered mommy wanted that mustard purse she saw at Kohl's at 50% off!  So sweet of him!

Oh no she didn't!  Anna's too excited for words at this point.  She wanted and I Pad, but since Santa knows how Anna's daddy is not a fan of Apple products, he brought her an Android Tablet!  

Santa also brought us a family game to share.  This game is so much fun!

A Glow Book!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, the girls loved it!

Anna and Emma are going shopping!!!  Thanks so much Vovo Dutra and Vo Nisi!  We'll have to show you what we get! :)

Russ, because I love you, I'll never forget your Dilbert calendar.  Enjoy!

Russ got me some bling!  It's a beautiful necklace! 

Super Flying Monkey!  Grandma and Grandpa sure made us smile with this gift for daddy.  Thank you!

Yup, we are definitely going shopping!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Anna loved the new dress she got from Uncle John and Aunt Nicholette!  Thank you so much, it's so long and pretty!  She feels like a big girl in it.

Emma loved, loved, LOVED her doggie shirt.  It might not look like it too much here, but that's because she is trying to make the same face as the dog on her shirt.  Pretty good, isn't it?  Thanks Uncle John and Nicholette!

This book is adorable!  We stopped all the gift openings just to read it together.  We all loved it!  Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa.

Anna picked up some new flip flops for daddy for Christmas.  He is so happy!  Thanks, Anna!

She also got daddy this very cute card because she knows how much daddy loves "A Christmas Story".  It was very sweet that she remembered.

Emma gave daddy a card too.  It was a Snoopy card, and she picked it out because... well... it's a doggie on a card!  Nuff said! :)

Mommy LOVED the beautiful scarf from Grandma and Grandpa.  Beautiful!  (Not shown here, but mommy is also very excited about the basketball shorts.  I needed some more exercise clothes!  Thank you!)

Daddy also got some basketball shorts from Grandma and Grandpa.  He's pretending it's a hat. :)  Russ says thank you so much for the new work clothes! :)

Emma looking cute in her glittery shirt.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Anna said, "this is my favorite color blue, and it's shiny! Perfect!"  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Anna got Emma this Doodle Puppy for Christmas.  She loved that she can draw on it.  Anna knew she would love it.

Emma gave mommy some new comfy slippers to wear around the house.  It is so comfy!  They also gave me a very pretty butterfly necklace.  My girls are so sweet.

Emma had to make sure someone got daddy a bag of socks.  He always gets socks for Christmas! :)  Sweet Emma.

Mommy got a Ninja!  Can't wait to take this baby for a spin!  (Get it?  Because it's a blender... and it spins.. you know... )

Aunt Nicholette and Uncle John are plotting against us!  They want us to get fat!  Well it worked! :)  Our very own ice cream maker!  Thank you!  Russ is actually excited about being in the kitchen with this one.

Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Jake sent Anna Prince Caspian!  She loves the Narnia books, and we watch the first Narnia all the time!  She is so excited!  She was reading the back and telling us all the details.  Thank you!

Very bad picture, but she wouldn't stop wiggling!  Emma loves the Lorax!  Thank you so much Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Jake!

And we also thank Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Jake for the fun new game!  We'll have to call some friends over to play with us!  Thank you so much!

And last but not least, Bonnie got herself a new toy.  She loved it right away.  Scooter's gift will be coming a little bit later.... 

We are all enjoying that lovely tired feeling after all the excitement and fun.  We are so grateful for another wonderful Christmas season together with our family.  Thank you all for your wonderful gifts, we are so blessed!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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