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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meet Xavier, our elf

This year our family had the privilege to welcome a sweet little friend for the holiday season.  He is an elf, straight from the North Pole.  He hides around the house to keep an eye on how the kids are behaving, and while they're asleep, he flies to Santa and reports to him all that has been happening.  He does have one main rule:  you may not touch him, EVER.  He will lose all his magic if he is touched.

One evening right after Thanksgiving, and right before bed, Anna and Emma found him.
He was up on the cupboard, with a note.  After we read the book, we found out we got to give him a name! Daddy wanted him to be called Pashminamishmugalwithyogurt.  Mommy suggested Fitzgerald.  Anna wasn't quite sure, and Emma wanted to call him Xavier.  After some deliberations we all agreed that Xavier seemed like a great name.
The girls were happy to let him know he was called Xavier, and he seems to like it.
Isn't he cute?

Here are some of his fun little adventures:
Xavier hung up the advent calendar for us.  He also left a huge mess upstairs where the Christmas things were kept...

Xavier decided to play with the cereal... and I think he has a crush on Tinkerbell.  He seems to find her around the house all the time.  We don't know if it'll last...
Xavier set up our nativity scene, and left a note for the girls.  He reminds us to celebrate our Savior's birth.
Xavier decided to throw a party and invite all the dolls!  They played Guitar Hero!  You can't see the screen very well, but he rocked!
The girls were really amused by this one, let me tell ya.
Xavier climbs a string of lights to reach the candy in the cupboard.  He got a blue lollipop for himself.  Crazy elf.
He loves to party!  Here he is again, having what we can only assume is a "pool party" with the mermaid dolls.  The girls couldn't brush their teeth in their bathroom this morning.
That's Xavier having a battle with Link over the Triforce.
Apparently it was Link's idea.

We love having Xavier in our home.  Daddy really enjoys helping Xavier out and making sure he is extra cool.  Mommy often feels that Xavier sitting on a shelf is good enough...  The fun part of all this is that the girls get up every morning so excited to see what Xavier was up to during the night.

We might keep this tradition for a while.  It's too much fun.  We'll keep you up to date with Xavier and the girls this Christmas season!

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Adrian said...

I love it!!! It's totally making me grin, reading about all of Xavier's adventures. He seems like quite a party animal. And I love the photo of him holding baby Jesus. Your girls are so lucky!