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Saturday, December 15, 2012


That's our Emma, in the morning, eating a "Concha".  It's a type of sweet roll, covered in extremely bright pink sugar, shaped like a sea shell.  It's a Mexican treat, and we sure do love it.  She asked if we could buy some for breakfast.  I thought she was attracted to it because... well, it's pink!  But no, that wasn't it.  She told me she wanted to eat it because it made her feel like she was eating a brain.  

I love this kid.

Here is an interesting conversation I overheard while the girls were playing outside:
 Emma: listen to that bird, it sounds like a vegetarian!
 Anna: How do you know?
 Emma: just listen! (pause). See? A vegetarian!
 Anna: what's a vegetarian? 
Emma: I don't know! I don't sound like that! :)

Yeah.  I love this kid.


Adrian said...

oh! laughing! that's so funny!

Spencer said...

This is great.