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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shine Your Light Singers

For the last two months Anna has been singing with a group of girls in our neighborhood.  They are called "Shine Your Light Singers".  They learned some great Christmas music that they will be performing the next few days.  Yesterday we got to see the first performance, at a retirement home in the area.
 What a cute girl she is!  She sure loves to sing!

 Very cute songs.  The girls were adorable.

 Yeah... I mainly focused on Anna.  There were about 18 girls there.  They had props and cute choreography and happy smiles.

Anna was a little nervous on the way over, and was concerned about performing, but you know what?  She was amazing!  She had fun, she did her very best, and we loved it.  So proud of you Anna, for sticking to it even when it was scary!

Christmas season has been so fun!

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