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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving - Sperry Fun!

This year for Thanksgiving we were happy to welcome our very first guests to our new home in Arizona.  Uncle John and Nicholette and our cute cousins Jack and Lily!  We got to have them with us for a week, and we had a blast!
It was great getting to share bed time routine with our cute cousins.  We got to sit and read stories together and pray and go to bed!  The kids enjoyed their time together.
On Thanksgiving Day, while the moms went to work on our delicious Thanksgiving meal, Uncle John was awesome, and took on a project with the kids!  We gave them a picture and the fruit and veggies to work with, and they did the rest!
Isn't it great?  It made for a great centerpiece for our dinner later on, and there was one other bonus...
The kids had really great and healthy snacks to eat while they waited for the "real turkey" to be done cooking.  This turkey really was more popular than the actual bird.
And this is the highlight of the trip.  The quality is very poor, but it's the memory that counts.  It was an epic was between Johnius GoodLookinus and Baron Von Russticuff.  They battled over the infamous "Teddy".  This is a war that has been going on for years, and now has included a second generation of warriors.  This was hilarious!

We had a great time this Thanksgiving, and had a really hard time saying goodbye as our family headed back to Utah.  Thank you guys for making the trip out to see us.A special thanks goes out to John for helping us set up yet another television...  wall mount and everything! :)  Another very special thanks to Nicholette for jogging with me every morning and yelling at me when I was about to give up on a new challenging run.  Way to motivate! :)  I have been successful ever since!

Love you guys!

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Adrian said...

sounds like lots of fun!! I love the fruit turkey!