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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best of 2011

2011 kept me busier than I had hoped, and my poor blog ended up neglected...  But!  I thought I'd share some of the highlights of 2011.

Anna had a great Valentine's Day party at school!

Playing with tutus was the best!  Even Bonnie enjoyed it.

We welcomed a new cousin, Lily!  She's so sweet!

We had a wonderful Easter with our BFFs, the Browns, who came from Michigan just to visit us!

Mommy's big crochet accomplishment:  crochet Easter dresses for my girls.  They looked pretty cute!

Anna turns 6!  Party time!

Here she is with some friends for another party!  Also big this year, Anna gets glasses!  She's so cute.

Emma and Jack eating cake.  These two ate a lot of cake together in 2011! :)

U2 Concert!  It was amazing!  Lots of fun, unforgettable.

Bono said hi! :)

Happy Birthday Russ!  You're 6! :)  

Daddy and his girls.  And his very cool hat, picked by the girls!

Beautiful summer day at Thanksgiving Point with my cuties!

A fun day at the pool with Mommy!  Lots of fun for all of us!

Anna getting ready for her second ballet recital.  This year was Mary Poppins, and she was part of the Merry Go Round dance.

Aren't they cute?  She did a wonderful job!  Very proud of our ballerina!

Happy Fourth of July!  I got myself some happy toes. :)

Our Fourth of July t-shirts.  This year we painted flags.  The girls love this tradition, who knows what we'll paint this year.

Emma turns 3!  What a big girl!

 Here is another cake, from another party!  3 was very well celebrated.

Friends at Emma's birthday party!

Dinosaur Museum.  Another great adventure for them!

Wow!  Huge!  They were very impressed.

Candy is good.  Summer fun at Gardner Village

Great accomplishments on the trampoline at Vovo Dutra's house!  They love it.

One more concert this year!  John, Nicholette and me.  We went to the Josh Groban concert!

He's amazing.  And funny.  And hyper!  And amazing. :)

Emma started preschool this year!  I could hardly believe it when I dropped her off.

Anna started first grade!  Another big blow to this overprotective mother.

Did you think the concerts were over?  No way!  We saved the best for last!  Russ and I at Def Lepard!

Too excited for words!!!

These guys can rock!  (We might have a repeat in 2012... just sayin', they're that good)

Anna the vampire and Emma the black cat had a blast this Halloween.

We loved this one.  "I Emma Ghost"  Buahahahaha!!!

We were so happy to have Tio Douglas back after months and months without him!  We sure enjoyed the little bit of time we got.

Dutra family picture during the holidays.  We're all here! :)

There was Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in the middle of all this, but this year we kept all of those very low key.  I had a small surgery during the holidays and just wasn't able to keep much record of the festivities.  We also had a very sick Emma for Christmas and a very exhausted New Year.  

I hope 2012 is better to all of us, because 2011 sure gave us a beating.  Still, as I look at all these pictures, in the end I can't help but be grateful for all the good things, all the good people, and all the lessons learned.  

Lots of love to all!

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