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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Best Part of the Holidays

The Best Part of the Holidays is being home with my family. I have been enjoying my time home from work. We've been taking things easy at home and enjoying a lot of time together.

We decided not to wait for Christmas for The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword. Anna and Emma are my helpers and have been enjoying the story a lot, and like that they can do a lot of the game moves, like swinging the controller to make the sword move, or using the various tools and equipment Link gets by swinging the controller right.

I have to admit, I have enjoyed it a lot too. I mean honestly how many people truly ever get to experience their childhood dream of single handedly defeating a Giant Squid that is attacking a pirate ship while equipped with only a sword, shield, bow and arrow? It's so fun to be a kid with your kids!

Today Emma picked up a long cardboard post and Daddy decided it would be too much fun to craft a shield and a harp from a pizza box.

Zelda (a.k.a Anna)

Link (a.k.a. Emma)

Anna and Emma as Zelda and Link

It's fun to see them play. Daddy usually gets to be the other guys like the "fix it guy", "restaurant guy at the lumpy pumpkin" and other characters. So far their favorite is when Daddy is their Loftwing (flying bird they get to ride). Mommy got to play today too, and has been learning a lot of fun new vocabulary from Emma like "gratitude crystals", "Kikwus", songs and legends such as the Triforce. I thought playing today with our cardboard was even funner than the game itself. You'd think Christmas came early for how Emma talked about her "favorite" shield, which of course she asked if she could sleep with tonight.

Here is one more moment I would not miss. Emma asleep in the afternoon cuddled with her favorite "doggie".

Sometimes it is just great to be home!

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Adrian said...

We're completely inspired. We're getting a Wii for Christmas. You guys have so much fun with yours!