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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Latest Happenings

Check out my two little Army girls!  Tio Douglas sent them that outfit as a gift, and they love wearing it and thinking of him.

So...  this week was apple week at school, they talked all about apples and ended the week with a Johnny Appleseed look a like contest.  Anna wanted to participate, so we dressed her up, daddy made her an awesome pan hat out of aluminum foil, and she was ready to go.  When asked about it, she just shrugged her shoulders and said it was fun.  This morning I'm going through her backpack and what do I find?  A certificate for 1st place winner for the entire first grade!  I can't believe she could care less!  Russ and I were so excited, but she just seemed to think it was not big deal.  And she is right, it's just a piece of paper... but we were sure proud of her! :)  She just wanted to dress up, and she refused pictures, which I regret, because she looked very cute as Johnny Appleseed!

Anna also got to go on her first sleepover ever at a friend's house last night.  She had a blast, and came back with lots of fun treats, sparkly purple nails, and a hot pink streak on her hair!  She had a blast!  Emma, on the other hand, didn't quite understand the concept of sleepovers.  This morning at around 8am, she ran into her sister's room, and calling her name like crazy ran around the entire house.  Her lazy parents just rolled over and slept a little longer, thinking she might have remembered big sister was gone and gone back to bed herself.  We were wrong.  She climbed over the security gate downstairs and looked all through the main floor.  Since no success was achieved, Emma was brave and bold and did something that made Russ and I actually tear up a little bit.  She went to the basement.  To the dark, scary basement.  She never goes down there alone, even though we have a very nice finished basement, she's still scared unless all the lights are on.  Well, out of concern for her sister, she went to the basement, turned on all the lights, opened all the doors, opened all the closets, and even looked in the food storage room and in laundry baskets.  She covered the entire house.  Then she went back upstairs and cried profusely.  "My Anna is gone, I can't find her!"  We brought her up to our room with us and loved her to pieces, and explained that Anna was not gone, she was at her friend's, and we'd go get her in a little.  Then I held my little Emma while the sobs calmed, and we watched Curious George together.  She loves her sister so much.  Her little sister love conquered all her fears, even the fear of the dark, scary basement.  If that doesn't make you tear up just a little than you must be a cold, cold person! :)

Sure love these two.  They'll stick together through anything, I have a feeling.  :)  Sisters are the best, aren't they?


Jake and Jeanne said...

What a sweet story about little Emma needing to find her Anna! I love how these two are best friends. Congratulations to Anna for winning first place for the whole first grade! :)

Adrian said...

Forget pictures of the tin hat. I want to see pictures of the pink streak. Yoroko will be so jealous.

I love that story about Emma worrying for her sister. That is so tender.