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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milestones: Emma's 1st day of Preschool!

The day has come.  My baby is a big girl.  My baby goes to preschool now.  Emma is taking off!

I'm pretty pathetic today.  I couldn't sleep last night, just thinking of Emma's fragile little state when she was born, 7 weeks early.  How she was too small to go straight home.  How she fit in those preemie outfits with room to spare.

She sure doesn't look so tiny and fragile now!  She is as excited as can be!  Her teacher, her classroom, her friends, her turn to get dropped off somewhere...

This morning I crawled into bed with her and scratched her back.  She barely opened her eyes and put an arm around me and went back to sleep.  I let her doze for a while, then scratched her back some more.  She stretched, woke up and kissed me.  Then she sat up straight, told me " I had a dweam, I saw faiwies in Vovo Nisi's flowers!  But you'w not supposed to catch them, they don't like that!"  Another stretch, another kiss and hug, and she plopped in bed again and said " I go to school today, mommy!  I get my bag and put on my Dora shoes!"

And so she did!

Anna has said several times that she misses Emma.  She's always the one to be gone first, but she still has one more week before she gets to be dropped off for first grade.  FIRST GRADE!

Yeah, 2011 school year is hitting me hard.  Emma starts preschool, and Anna in full time, first grade, elementary school, cafeteria lunches... wow.

Have a beautiful 1st day of preschool Emminha!  I can't wait to find out all about it! :)

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Adrian said...

Good luck, Emma! Be brave, Vanessa!