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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Have Two Little Hands

This is an old post, or should have been.  I have two little hands that made these beautiful easter dresses for my beautiful little girls.  They're crochet.  I made every single stitch.  I'm quite happy with how cute they turned out, but it's hard not to have something look adorable on these two! :)  

Here they are with their cousin Jack on Easter day.  So cute!!!

All the cousins together for Easter!  Lily was busy being too little to join in, but she'll be there next year for sure!  Anyway, Easter time was a fun time for these girls.  
Anna finds her stash on Sunday morning.  Awesome treats!!!

Emma is in love.  Meet scooter.  She loves this thing.  She zips around the neighborhood as fast as can be with it.  It's adorable watching her on the scooter!  Now she has wheels! :)


Adrian said...

Those dresses turned out so well!! You are amazing. And your girls are super cute as always. I'm so glad that the scooter was just what Emma wanted... I bet she has so much fun with it.

Nicholette said...

Those dresses are adorable. PS--there is totally a vomit flavored jellybean on the right side of your blog!