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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anna's 6th, Part 2

Anna had a birthday party with her little friends on a very stormy Saturday.  We did pinata time first, and the kids did get rained on a little, but we couldn't let them miss out on pinata fun!  (Oh, yeah, Anna has glasses now, that IS her on the picture.  She joined the glasses brigade at our house, and looks super cute!  It's so nice to read and not get headaches anymore!)
Everyone gathered up to get their goodies!  Never mind that at this point it's already started to rain.  It's candy, after all!
Pin the tail on the donkey.  Another request by the birthday girl!  They had so much fun!  Thanks to Tia Pri and Mary for the entertainment part of our party!
 Some of our BFFs right here

And right here.  They are being very patient during the opening gifts part of the event! :)
Another BFF sharing with her the cool things he gave her!
 Time for food!!! Anna picked out that awesome birthday cake all on her own.  She fell in love with how cool it looked, and I have to agree.
 It's great to share a special day with our best friends!!!
Anna takes her wishes very seriously!  I hope all your wishes come true, my beautiful princess!
 Some more games, like hot potato, musical chairs, and lots of fun dancing around.  It pays off not to have furniture in your front room, especially on a rainy day!  They had a blast!
 And they all got to make and decorate a paper version of themselves to take home!  This was so much fun!  These friends are very talented!
Tia Pri outlining Anna.  She had a blast!  And so did Anna. :)

Another birthday party... 6th one.  I'm ready to press pause and just hold her now.  Don't get any bigger my Anna.  You're my favorite Anna in the world, and I miss every little version of you that stays behind.  But I'm sure Anna 6.0 will be fabulous!!! Love you!

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Adrian said...

love the glasses! They're super cute! And the cake is great. It looks like it was so much fun.