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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Russ!

Last week we had a great time celebrating Russ' birthday!  It had been a while since we had all the family together at our house, so it was fun to see all the cousins playing.  Everyone was there to wish Russ the best on his day, but the most excited of the group were Anna and Emma.  They wanted to give daddy a birthday party, and picked out Phineas and Ferb accessories for the party, because of course daddy would love that!
 Everyone around the table, enjoying themselves and catching up.

Time for cake!  Make a wish daddy!  (yes, the candle says 6, it's the only candle I had on hand... and after 30, who cares anyway, right?)
Lily.  Just because she's so cute.  And slept through all the craziness around her.  Love those cheeks!
Daddy got some great gifts from everyone, including some awesome caps to wear, picked out by Anna and Emma.
Also, a very much anticipated DM screen for our D&D adventures.  (Yes, we like to play, if you do too, give us a call, we'd love some company!)
Kate concentrating on all the unwrapping and giggling.  She's getting so big!  Cute, cute Kate will be walking any minute now!
Madi liked Perry the Platypus.  I mean... who doesn't?  Too cute.
And where was the thundering trio?  Outside having a blast!  I love seeing how these three get along.  They play, they fight, they hug each other... just like cousins should! ;)

Happy 3.5 Russ!  You are mine.  We've been through a lot of birthdays now, and I'm glad we'll get to have lots more together.  Thanks for being the wonderful daddy that you are.  No other girls are this lucky.  Thanks for how much you work hard for our family.  Thanks for the personal sacrifices you make to show us that we are the most important things in your life.  Thanks for making our family your number one priority always, above all else.  I love you.  All of you.  Every little part of you, even the challenging parts of you, because they make you who you are. Heavenly Father knew that we needed each other to make it through this life, and thank goodness we listened!

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Adrian said...

Happy happy birthday to Russ! Phineas & Ferb accessories- no better choice for a birthday party. Have tons of fun with the DM screen!! We also love to play, wanna get together sometime?