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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Mornings

They're my favorite.  Russ usually wakes me up, and we cuddle, and talk nonsense, and then one of us will usually say: "Can you believe the kids are still sleeping?".  Two minutes later, they are awake.  They burst through the door.  Anna jumps on to the bed and right to my arms.  Emma announces that it's day already!  "It's bwue outside!"  Then she jumps up to the bed and joins us.  Lots of hugs, kisses, did you sleep wells, did you dream?  We then get to hear the dreams:

Anna: " I dreamed that I was floating in the sky!  And I turned into a princess (of course.. mommy note here) and kissed all the little birdies that were flying in the sky!"
Emma:  "Me too, I dweamed it too!"
Anna: "No you didn't Emma.  And then the sky turned to chocolate!"
Russ:" To chocolate?  What did you do then?"
Anna:  "I don't remember.  What day is today?"
Vanessa:  "It's Sunday"
Emma: "We go to chuwch today?  We go take SNACKWAMENT!"
(Lots and lots of repressed laughter by both adults)

Cat jumps on the bed, kids get distracted with cat, Russ and Vanessa get in one more snuggle before kids demand breakfast.  Mommy tickles Emma and says "crianca querida da mamae!!!"  Which she repeats to me and gives me "beijos" or kisses.

That's a perfect moment.  I love Sunday Mornings.

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Adrian said...

What a sweet memory! And I love the 'snackwament' comment! And early morning snuggles- those are the BEST. :)