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Sunday, April 10, 2011

You know those things you say you'll never ever....

You know those things you say you'll never ever do? Nope, not me. Not in my house. Uh uh. Not going to happen. Well, this week one of those things happened. We have a...cat. I am not a cat person. Never imagined, envisioned ever having one - not me not in a million years. I am a dog person.

Vanessa seems to do fine, and Anna and Emma are happy with any pet, could have been a boa constructor and they would probably be cheering. Even Bonnie (our dog) seems to be doing well with her - other than normal jealousy. Bonnie is pretty mellow, for anyone who has met her. It was three days before we ever heard her bark. And I'm sure she'd lick any intruder who visits the house. In fact, Bonnie barks or gets worked up so seldom that when she does we really pay attention.

Our new arrival's name is Scooter. She is gray and black, has green eyes, is 10 months old and seems mellow like the rest of us. I guess we are now an official suburban family. Mom, Dad, 2 kids, dog, cat. We decided though we'd give it a chance.

As for me, I suspect Scooter will grow on me. I was particularly happy that Scooter has noticed the areas where we have noticed uninvited guests (field mice) in the past in our basement. We have been dealing with mice in our basement and despite cleaning, mousetraps, etc. we still seem to notice them from time to time. So even I suspect that despite my own preconceptions, Scooter is going to be making points with me.

Welcome Scooter Sperry!

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Adrian said...

can't wait to meet him!