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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10th, Anna's Day!

Here she is, 6 years a go.  Right out of the oven.  She was beautiful, and alert, and decided to come a week early.  We sure fought hard together, didn't we, Anna?  They told us you'd take hours to arrive, and yet you and I knew better.  Under 30 minutes and we finally got to see each other!  I remember the day I found out you were coming.  I was driving to the Dallas Temple when the doctor's office called me with my test results.  No one had a more grateful heart than me and you in that temple that day.
One of our very first family pictures!  Aren't we cute?  Your Daddy sure loves you.  He held you and loved you and rocked you to sleep.  That hasn't changed these 6 years.  It's so beautiful to see how much you resemble him.  How creative and imaginative you are, just like he is.  How great you both are at playing Mario on the Wii.  Daddy loves that time with you.  I hope you play Mario with Daddy even when you're too "cool" to do so. :)
Look at the adorable, beautiful, special little girl you are!  My big girl, you are 6 today.  You are my miracle come true.  You are my first jewel, you are are my "little princess".  Even though now your princess likes to go to space and fight aliens with her super "love" weapons, which makes you more awesome in my eyes than any other princess out there, that's for sure.  You are so beautiful.  I sure thank my Heavenly Father for letting me have you to love and care for, until you do get married to your "perfect husband" and become a "mommy" like you want to so much, or whatever else your life has in store for you.

Today you're 6!  What wonderful 6 years you've given me.  Thank you Anna, for changing my life in such an amazingly wonderful way.  Thank you for teaching me what unconditional love feels like.  Thank you for your loves and kisses and songs and pictures and flowers you pick for me.  Thank you for telling me I'm the best mommy ever, even when I don't deserve it.

I love you.  Daddy loves you.  Emma loves you.  Bonnie and Scooter love you.  Happy 6th birthday you awesome alien fighting princess!


Adrian said...

Happy birthday, Anna! We are sure glad to know you!

Ana Carolina said...

Ooohh!!! Congratulations Anna!!! We've got the same name, different spellings, but I am sure that you are as special as our name is! All the best to you princess. Even though I've met you once (I guess :P) you're an amazing girl and I am sure you're going to keep being awesome!!! Congratulations!!

John said...

I just posted this on your fb, but happy birthday (again), Anna! I can't wait for her to see the shirt I made her!