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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So much fun for everyone!

Last night Anna had a blast celebrating her birthday at Chuck E Cheese's.  All the family was there, so thanks Grandma and Grandpa Sperry, Vovo Dutra, Vovo Nisi, Tia, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Jake, Kate and Madi, Uncle John, Aunt Nicholette, Jack and Lily for making Anna's 6th birthday so special!  Here are some of the highlights:
Anna climbed all the way up to the "cage".  Tricky stuff.  Good job!

Uncle John and Jack loved the Merry Go Round.  So cute!

Emma working hard to figure out how this ride works.

That face says "aggressive driver" all over it!  I'd stay out of the way if I were you!

Happy Birthday from The Chuck E. himself! ;)

Happy Birthday Anna!  Make a wish!!!

Yum, that was good cake.

Some fun presents! Love it!  

Dancing with Chuck E.  Anna had moves!

Emma was not left behind on the dancing, she loved it.  

My favorite shot of the night!  Jack!!! Are you excited?  Love this little man!!!

Thanks again, everyone, for such a special time with Anna last night.  Unforgettable for her, I'm sure.  We missed Daddy a whole lot, and gave him a very detailed description of the fun.  Don't be bummed you couldn't be there, Daddy, we still have a ton on game coins to go back and spend when you come back!

My baby is 6! :) 

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