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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dear Friends

In April we were thrilled to have our dear friends the Browns come and visit us from Michigan.  What a blast it was to see our little ones playing so well, and to get to talk and laugh and play games with people we love so much.  Someday when I get to chose my perfect world and perfect life, I'm going to live next door to the Browns. :)

Our very intellectual and extremely smart children spent time playing some incredible chess matches.  I have to say, they seemed a little bored by the activity after playing such an easy game...

So we colored Easter eggs instead! ;)  Everyone got very creative with their egg creations.  Dinosaurs, monsters, shinny eggs...

Red Butte Gardens.  One of my favorite places to go.  I love seeing the girls running in this field.  It was so pretty!  The day was chilly, and the flowers weren't all in bloom yet, but again, I love this place.

A little break for a picture.  The Garden Adventurers!  Poor Max putting up with all these girls!  He was a good sport in humoring them all.  Our kids are so cute.

Our cute kids again, swinging all together.  They found lots of fun things to do at the gardens.  Considering the weather was terrible while they were here, this was a nice change from being indoors all the time!

Bright red dirt, a mother's dream!  They had fun, that's all that matters, and dirt washes off right?  Unless it's red... :)

We had a seriously wonderful time visiting with our friends, I'm so grateful that God allowed us to cross paths and have them in our lives.  Thanks for flying all this way, for dealing with bad weather, for listening to our woes, for laughing at our jokes, and for getting us started on a new hobby, which, by the way, I'm humbly starting to kick butt at! :)  (Zord the Sly is freaking awesome!!!)

Love the Browns!

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