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Monday, August 30, 2010

The time has come - Kindergarten

Let it be on record that today, August 30th, my baby started school.  Yes, my baby, I don't care how big she is, she is always my baby.  As we were getting ready this morning I kept getting flashbacks to when she fit perfectly in my arms, as I combed her hair this morning, I saw the baby with the hair that would always stick up straight.  As I watched her put her shoes on, I could see her taking her first steps.  Oh Anna, why do you have to grow up?

Anna was an excited little girl this morning, and of course, mommy took lots of pictures of my big girl!
Anna giving me a wink, playing it cool...

Anna and Emma having some fun before school.  Emma wanted a backpack too.

And she's off!  Kindergarten, here she comes!

Class of 2023??? Wow!  That hit me hard.  Anna will graduate in 2023.  She's on her way!

Anna standing in line with her classmates!

With their adorable teacher.  She's so sweet to them. Check out Emma standing next to Anna.  She wanted to be by her sister.  Cute.

First day of Kindergarten was a piece of cake! :)

I can't believe we're at this point now.  Anna, I'm so happy you're starting on this fun adventure.  I just know you'll love school, and learning, and making friends.  You are a smart, creative, imaginative, energetic, sensitive, sweet little girl,  I'm so glad we get to see you learn and grow, and we look forward to helping you along the way!

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Adrian said...

Oh, Vanessa! Good job making it through Anna's first day! Good job Anna!!