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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Temple Square Visit

Last Sunday we took the kids for some family time at Temple Square.  Anna was upset that there was no Primary last Sunday, since it was Stake Conference, so we decided to go on this adventure to make up for it.
Don't you love this part?  Anna stood there thinking about Jesus.  It was sweet.
And everything that Anna does, must, of course, be repeated by Emma.  You'll see. But she knew that was Jesus right away.
My two cuties enjoying the gardens.  It was a beautiful day for this activity.
Daddy took this time to tell the girls about the pioneers.  They really enjoyed hearing his stories.  Anna was impressed.
Anna, the princess, posing in front of the most beautiful "castle temple" she's ever seen.
And our cute Emma, thought that stand was for dancing.  What else would you use it for?
Enjoying the beautiful water fountain.  The girls were so impressed by all the fountains around Temple Square, but this one was the "coolest", we decided.

We hadn't done this with the kids in a long time, and it was so much fun!  We didn't get to take Anna to Primary, but I think she really enjoyed all the things she saw and learned.

I love these moments.

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Adrian said...

It sounds like a really beautiful afternoon!