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Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I decided that since Anna is getting ready for school, and that means getting ready in the morning,  we needed haircuts to make the mornings easier.  It was hard for me to have her hair cut, it was soooo long and beautiful!  But... it was worth it.  Emma needed to be part of the experience too, she had never had her hair cut before, not that she has that much hair to speak of, but she also got a new look.
Anna before
Emma before
Anna did great and sat very still
and to my surprise, so did Emma!  She did great!
Anna after!  Beautiful!
Emma was done.  You can only sit still for so long!
Check out my cute girls.
I know I always sound gushy, but they're my reason for everything.  They drive me nuts and make me laugh, and make me furious and make me proud, and my heart just can't hold all the love I feel sometimes, so I cover them with kisses until they wiggle away. :)

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Adrian said...

Oh so cute! I love love love Emma's bangs, they look so cute! Anna looks like such a big girl. Your haircuts were definitely a success! Your girls looks so sweet!