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Friday, October 16, 2009

Girls Dance Party!

I know this is silly, but I had to make a record of the fact that today for the first time I was able to dance and goof around with my two girls! Let me explain. Anna and I often turn the radio on and just dance like silly girls that we are, while Emma just sits and claps, or is being held by me. Today, Emma just took off walking and dancing all by herself in the middle of the room! We had a blast! Some of my dearest memories growing up are of dancing around the house with my mom and sister, for no reason at all. For some reason this just really touched me today. I guess I felt like my life has gone full circle, and I am now doing the same fun things with my own kids, and it took me by surprise, does that make sense? I am happy to inform that dancing around the house is just as fun as a Mommy as it was as a daughter. And my girls can shake it with the best of them! Drop by and join us sometime, it'll be fun! :)


Adrian said...

Yay! Dance party at the Sperrys!!

Nicholette said...

I used to dance around the house with my mom when I was little, I loved it!
Jack and I dance around the house ( hold him and we shake like it's hott!)