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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anna's point of view

My scanner isn't working right now, unfortunately, or else I'd post the picture that I'm about to discuss. I've been going through old pictures of Russ and I, and I left out this picture of Russ in high school, which Anna happened to find. Russ was with her at the time, and they had this conversation:
Anna: Daddy, who's this?
Russ: That's Daddy when he was younger.
Anna: That's you?
Russ: Yes.
Anna: (after a small reflecting moment) I don't love this Daddy. (Pointing at the picture)
Russ: You don't love this Daddy?
Anna: No
Russ: Why not?
Anna: Because he has too much hair!
:) :) :) LOL!!!


Adrian said...

Oh, that is funny!! I guess there are some good things about being bald!!!

Christy said...

haha. I love it. I wonder if Spencer will one day say that about Brian. ahaha. I love that children accept us for who we are. Oh, to be a child again. Wouldn't the world be a lovely place?