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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun at Hogle Zoo!

Last week Russ took some days off for a little family "staycation". Yes, I just used that very lame term that everyone is using, but don't blame me, blame the media! And the economy as well... Anyway... back to the zoo. We had a great time with Anna and Emma enjoying all the animals! Anna had to make a stop at all the lion water fountains along the zoo, they are just too much fun.
Hi Emma! She was so happy to be out and about, she really didn't care what we did as long as we kept moving. She was great the entire time.

Mommy and Anna found a distant relative (or so they say) and decided to take a picture! :)

Here we are! The cute Sperry family enjoying the bird show at the zoo, which by the way, was awesome! Anna had a bird take a dollar from her hand and put it in the donation box all by itself! It was a major highlight of the outing.

Check out the eagle! It flew right by us, it was quite amazing.

We're off on a train ride! Emma decided to "roar" most of the time during the ride, I don't know why...
Mommy and Anna! We loved our train ride!

At the end of the trip, Anna was hot and really wanted to play with the spinning water ball, as she called it.
And Emma was done. Off to dreamland! ;)

We had a great time! We'll have to take more of these little outings soon.


Jake and Jeanne said...

How fun! You guys are a cute little family! I'm glad that Anna loved the lion drinking fountains. There was only 1 when I was little and I LOVED it!!! :)

Christy said...

Hey! I'm all about Staycations. Sometimes there are so many things that you never do right in your own hometown! I love the zoo too! Glad you guys had a good time!