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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Emma, Happy Birthday to you!

Emma is one! Her birthday was on July 22nd, she was born at 7:55 am, she weighed exactly 6lbs. I remember like it was just yesterday, not a whole year ago. I remember buying preemie diapers for her, since she was 6 weeks early. I remember wondering if she would be okay, when would I get to see her, if I would get to take her home when I left the hospital. I remember even before all that, when we found out we were going to have another little person in our family, it was December 26th, 2007, and I've never had a better Christmas present. I remember a few months later finding out that Anna would get a little sister, and as we looked at the ultrasound screen, Emma waved at us! She did, she really did!
Now look at this chunk of sweet delicious baby. Where did my preemie go? :) She's just delightful. And boy does she like to eat!
She really loved this cupcake, I think chocolate might be her favorite flavor. She was really quick to dig in!
Yum! Or as Emma would say: "Num, num!" She loves it!
To make things fun she finished with the icing! This was our little celebration we had on her actual birthday. We had a party for her the following Saturday, but since I was playing hostess I didn't get any pictures, hoping I could get copies from all the family who took a whole bunch! So family, please send me pictures of the party!

We sure love our little Emma, she is a joy to our home, and it's hard to imagine not having her around. I can't believe this year went by so fast, but at least I was there to witness every single day so far. It's been magical watching her grow and discover her little world and interact with it. I can't wait to see what she'll be up to next. I can't wait to open her bedroom door every morning and see that sweet smile and messy hair, waiting to start her day.

Emma you are a beautiful little girl, you are a blessing from our Heavenly Father. You can't even imagine how loved you are by all of us. Happy birthday my sweet princess. I'm so glad you came to be part of our family.

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Nicholette said...

Vanessa, you're blogs always make me cry...you're so deep:)
That was the coolest 1 year old birthday I ever celebrated, I love the video we took!