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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sweet moment

I know I have been blogging a lot about Anna lately, well, it is her month, so I guess that's why. And she's been saying the cutest things lately and I just don't want to forget them, so here they go.

Last night during dinner Anna looked at me and said:
" I love you, Mommy."
So I thought for a minute and asked her:
"What does love mean, Anna?"
And without hesitation she smiled and responded by wrapping her arms around herself as if she were giving you a hug, smiled her cutie smile and said: "love means Thank you!"

Anna sure knows how to get to my heart... it just melts for her!

I'll get some good posts of Emma soon! No favorites in this house, we love them both waaaaay too much! :)

1 comment:

Adrian said...

I know what you mean about forgetting to include the one who's not talking. :) More pictures please! I love to hear what Anna says to you. She is so cute!