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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anna's broken heart

After picking up on a conversation I was having on the phone with a friend, about another friend's "broken heart", Anna tells me:

Anna: Mommy, do you know my heart broke sometimes?

Me: It did? What happened?

Anna: It just broke mommy.

Me: How sad! And what did you do?

Anna: I just have to fix it.

Me: And how do you fix a broken heart, Anna?

Anna: You just get a new one.

Me: How do you get a new heart, sweetie?

Anna: You just paint it, with some paint, and then you put it in your tummy, and then you're done!


Nicholette said...

that's SOOO funny...and sad...and cute... all at the same time!!

Adrian said...

Oh, so sweet!! I hope that works for her. And isn't it scary to have your sweet daughter talk about that- and to know that it's in her future somewhere? Things like that make me want to keep our little girls safe and innocent as long as I can!