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Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna! You're 4!

My very first princess! I can't believe you're already four years old. What a beautiful little girl you are growing up to be! I love that you love princesses, and I have to say you are the cutest of them all! Mommy had so much fun planning this princess party for you!
The best part is to see you enjoy it all so much! Granted, your face on this picture is not the happiest, but I'm starting to learn that you don't pose for pictures very well yet, so we'll try and catch you when you're not looking!
You are so generous with your love, and I love that about you! Your hugs never run out, and I can't wait to see you every morning saying "good morning mommy, Anna had a good nap! Did you have a good nap mommy?" I love how sweet and gentle and kind you are to your little sister Emma. I love that you love to sing and dance, and my favorite part is when you make up beautiful songs to sing to us! The "Anna show" is my favorite show!
We had great treats for your birthday party! Cupcakes and "Tres Leches" cake, and snacks of all sorts. We had a great time eating, and chatting and enjoying the princess that you are becoming! We had our dear friends and family celebrating you with us!
Look at all the gifts you got! We are so grateful to all our dear friends' generosity!

My Anna, so now you're four, and mommy and daddy feel so grateful for the chance to be right there to witness all of your moments in this life. What a privilege it has been to see you grow into such a loving little girl. I still remember when I met you for the first time, and I knew then that my life would never be the same. I hope you know how much we wanted you, and prayed for you to finally come and join our family. You have been the best, the very best thing I have ever created, along with your little sister Emma. So happy birthday Princess Anna. I love you "so very" much. And even though this is your celebration, and you get all the beautiful gifts, I can say that without a doubt I got the best gift of all. I got you.

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Pricila said...

Anna da Tia!!!!
Ela tava muito linda e queridona como sempre!!! A Tia te ama Anna lindona!!!!