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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Emma vs. Scorpion

So yesterday we had the craziest experience.  It started out like a regular Saturday, we were all doing chores and getting things done around the house.  Russ was cleaning the pool, and Emma loves following him around outside, except this time she decided to explore what was under some bricks against the wall.  Well, we heard the screaming, and the first reaction was to tell her to calm down and tell us what happened.  But the screaming didn't stop.  We asked Emma to come tell us what happened, and the screaming still didn't stop.  Russ and I ran to her, he reached her and figured out what happened.

This is what happened next: Russ yelled for me to get the girls in the car, I grabbed keys and kids and ran to the garage.  Russ grabbed the dead scorpion, which Emma killed, by the way, and put it in a plastic bag.  I called a dear friend who probably thought I was losing it and had her tell me where the nearest hospital was.  Emma was so very brave!  We could tell she was in a lot of pain, but she managed to calm down and let us help her.

When we arrived at the ER, we felt extremely blessed, because it was empty.  What are the odds?  By now Emma was telling everyone what happened to her, and asked the nurse, "is this where the best scorpion doctors in the world work?  Cause that's what I need!"

That fist she is making is where she was stung.  Right in between her ring finger and pinky finger.  She was very cooperative and brave the entire time.  We ended up getting some ice, some tylenol, and a looooong time checking her breathing.  We learned more about scorpions than I'd ever care to know.  Let's just say we were extremely blessed.  Apparently scorpions don't always release venom when they sting.  You can't know for sure though, it can hit you up to two hours after the sting, so we were watching her for almost four.

Emma found a way to charm the nurses into finding her a sucker.  They were loving her, let me tell you!  

Here is the culprit.  We named it "Grossy".  We hate Grossy.  Emma smashed him with the brick she picked up, that's why he's missing an arm.  There are "bark scorpions".  If you really want to freak out, google it.  

We are very blessed.

Nothing like a major event to remind you how much a loving Father in Heaven is mindful of us.  We are so grateful for his hand guiding and protecting us.  

Emma was fine, and we couldn't be happier to see her try to climb the hospital equipment and push buttons she wasn't supposed to.

Do we still love Arizona?  You bet.  We are even going to invest in a new hobby.  Hunting.  Scorpion hunting.   It's on.


Janice said...

Wow, this is definitely a mother and father's worst nightmare. When an amazing little girl, she always has been spunky. Maybe you should erect a sign, "scorpion killer lives here!" That should keep the scorpions away.

So glad all worked out okay,
Miss you, but thrilled that you're enjoying Arizona,

Adrian said...

Scary! i'm so glad she's okay. Brave girl, killing her attacker!

Nicholette said...

Glad Emma is ok! What a cutie! ER visits are not fun, especially when they're for the kiddies!