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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Renaissance Festival

I've been meaning to blog about our fun excursion to the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Apache Junction.  We went the day before Easter, and I don't know when was the last time we had so much fun at a family outing.  This appealed to all of us, since we all have different levels of nerdiness that we embrace.  It was great!  Here goes a ton of great pictures of our fun day!
Emma was really excited about all the awesome people we met at the festival.  This wizard had these cool eyes and beard, and taught us about some magic he could do.  Anna was a little intimidated by all the characters, so she chose to not take any pictures.

We ran into this couple and Emma had to have a picture with them as well.  She wondered if this elf was friends with Link.  He told us he was, and promised us to tell Link how much we like him at our house.

Cute family ready to enjoy a show

These acrobats were amazing! We had lots of fun with their presentation.

One of the highlights of the trip was the "knighting" of the children by the king and queen.  There's Emma's ponytail, listening to her duties and requirements and promises if she was to become a knight.

Here all the knights turned to the audience to be recognized as brand new knights!  Emma even got an official certificate signed by the king and queen.  It's currently hanging over her bed.

A personal picture with the royalty.  She was so excited and extremely impressed

Lunch time.  Russ enjoys a huge turkey leg.  Yum.

How do you like this?  Anna and Emma ready to joust!  

My pretty renaissance girls!  So cute.

We got to enjoy a jousting tournament.  That was really cool.  

My cute family.  We had just made it out of a maze. That was really exciting!

Check out my ears!  Russ gave me these really cool earings/ear wraps that make you look like elf ears!  I loved it! 

Get this!  These three got to go for a ride on an elephant!  That was a major highlight of our day.  It was so exciting!  Anna and Emma were laughing and enjoying themselves.

Emma ran into Merida!  She loved talking to her, she even had the same accent as the one we watch at home on tv! 

At the end of our adventure we ran into some more performers who picked Anna and Emma to come and learn how to do a few tricks with them.  This was really fun.

I do believe we have found our very first Arizona tradition.  We will definitely be coming back next year, we had a lot of fun!  It was great to spend the entire day in a magical world full of kings, queens, princesses, knights, wizards, fairies, witches, and great imagination.  We loved it!


Adrian said...

It looks like it was so much fun! I love your elf ears. Plus your weather- I'm just slightly jealous.

Nicholette said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had the time of your life!!! Especially Russ with that big turkey leg!