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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had such a wonderful time this year for Halloween!  Lots of fun, friends and candy, we couldn't ask for anything more!
We decided to start out with some pumpkin carving.  Grandma sent us the coolest teeth to decorate our pumpkins, so we were pretty excited to give them a try.

Daddy takes his pumpkin designing very seriously.  We have our sketches and plans all ready to go,

And the final project!  TA DA!  Pretty silly/spooky, isn't it?

For the actual Halloween night we got together with some great new friends.  Anna had fun with her buddy from her Primary class.

Emma had lots of fun with her new friend who is also called Emma!  And they are both 4 years old, and they have birthdays on the same month!  Wow!

The daddies all did a great job taking the kids trick or treating, and the moms had some super silly fun with some karaoke!  It was a great time for children and adults alike.

Halloween 2012 ROCKED! 

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Adrian said...

love the pumpkins! it sounds like so much fun!