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Monday, March 19, 2012

Emma's future wishes...


Last week Emma and I had a very eventful day.  It started out with us driving down to Salt Lake City for an appointment that was very close to Temple Square.  Since we were so close we decided to go walk around and see all the beautiful flowers they are starting to plant.  She had a great time looking around and seeing the fountains, and enjoying the warm day.  Since I told her we couldn't go inside the castle directly behind her, she decided we should explore another castle nearby,  The Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

As we walked in she was amazed at how beautiful it is in there. We saw this:
 Amazing, right?  Just gorgeous.  We kept walking around until we reached this specific room:

She walked in here and told me very casually:  "Mommy, this is where I'm marrying my handsome cowboy.  Will you take a picture of my chandeliers?"  So I did.  You are probably asking yourself the same thing I asked her: "Emma, why does it have to be a cowboy?"  She answered me with a very condescending tone, like I should know the answer to such a silly question, "Because cowboys are handsome, and they have a dog and a horse!"

Well, duh.  Of course.

I came home and told Russ about our interesting conversation, and mentioned that I wondered how much it would cost us to have a reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  Russ replied, "that's not the right question we should be wondering about, we need to know how much it would cost to have a reception in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with a cowboy and a horse and a dog!"  :)

We had a grand time planning Emma's wedding reception. Tables decorated with horse shoes and bails of hay.  Instead of chairs, saddles.  Instead of a line, a carousel, bride, groom, parents, all spinning around.  The guests will just have to stand there and shake everyone's hands as we spin by them.  There will be line dancing and two step.  The list goes on and on.

Poor Emma.  When she grows up and really wants to get married, we'll have to tell her that we'll only honor her first request for a wedding theme.  Country.  Cowboys.  I sure hope her cowboy is a wonderful man.  Until then, we'll just hang on to our little cowgirl.  Time goes by fast enough.


Anonymous said...

so cute. We had our wedding reception at the joseph smith memorial building. -anne

Adrian said...

Please be sure to invite us. I'm esepcially interested in the carousel!!