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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tooth Fairy and Weird Snacks...

Check it out!  Anna lost her first tooth!  I say lost because she's had four teeth pulled already, this is the first one that wiggled and came out on its own.  Anna said she took a bite of her sandwich during lunch at school and the tooth just got stuck on the bread! :)  She went to the office and brought it back in a plastic baggie.  She was thrilled that it didn't hurt.  For days she's been too scared to move, fearing that the tooth would fall off and lots of blood would come out.  

We got ready for bed that night and all of us forgot to put the tooth under the pillow.  Russ and I were enjoying that quiet moment right after all the kids are in bed, when all of a sudden she throws the door open and runs into our room panicked!  "I forgot my tooth!"  Her face was so cute.  We told her it still counted, she could still put the tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  

So the tooth fairy had a terrible cold that night.  I tiptoed into the room, pulled the tooth (which I suggested be left in the plastic baggie, it made my life soooo much easier!) and was about to exchange for the dollar when an uncontrollable urge to sneeze came over me.  I sneezed and ducked next to the bed.  In my head I was thinking "I bet this will be in the bloopers of the video of my life up in heaven".  Anna didn't open her eyes, but turned toward me and said, "feel better, mommy", and went right back to sleep.  I gave it a while and crawled out of her room.  Then I sat in the hallway wondering, did I just blow my cover?  The next morning, at 6:15, Anna runs into my room with a dollar in her hand, happy as can be.  The tooth fairy came!  Yes, she did, and her identity is still protected! :)

As for Emma, she has been amusing us all with her interesting taste in snacks.  Usually we have cucumber slices with ranch dressing as a snack, and apple slices with cream cheese fruit dip as a snack as well.  Emma decided that we had it all wrong, and for the last week she's been asking for her cucumber slices to come with the fruit dip instead, which she calls "mommy dip" (I don't know why)!  

After wasted time trying to explain to her, and having her taste both dips, she still held fast to her choice.  Cucumber slices with "mommy dip" it is!  Almost every day!  Russ tried it and didn't think it was that bad, but I just shake my head...  you can't debate taste, though.  She loves it! 

My kids are so much fun!

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Adrian said...

You just never know with kids! Sounds like good times at your house. :)