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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Great Crayon Massacre of 2012

I have just finished cleaning up after the "Great Crayon Massacre of 2012".  Emma was playing in her little kitchen, cooking all kinds of good things which she needed ingredients for.  Hence the crayons.  She needed to "cut up"some to make her food.  Lots and lots of crayons, arranged by color, ended up in little bowls and containers. We do have some survivors: blacks, grays, blues and pinks...  There was tomato soup, orange ice cream, chocolate cake, banana pudding, lettuce salad, and some that were not quite on any menu I've ever seen.
If you're wondering, yes, I did ask her to tell me what every "dish" was.  I told her I was very impressed as well.  No, I didn't get upset, because let's be honest, this was incredibly creative, and no one had ever told her that crayons are used for the purpose of coloring alone.  We had a good talk, and I have now promised her a big pad of construction paper that she can "cut up" to her liking.
Never a dull moment! :)

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Adrian said...

Way to go, Emma! Such imagination. And kudos to you for encouraging it. :)