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Friday, January 27, 2012

Explaining a difficult concept

Anna had a lesson in church last Sunday about making good choices, and her teacher used the term "Satan's follower" if you keep making the wrong choices.  At least that is what I've gathered.

Yesterday I picked her up from school and she tells me this story:  " Mommy, this big girl kicked me when I was going down the slide!  She was mean and didn't say she was sorry!  That was such a bad choice!  I think she's Satan's follower, and I'll tell her if she does it again!"

Wow!  I don't want my child throwing around such a harsh term!  And you think they don't pay attention in church, but apparently she did...

We had a conversation about who Satan is, what it means to be a follower, and what it means to make mistakes, or bad choices.  What it means to make a mistake and then feel bad about it and say you're sorry and not do it again.  We talked about how sometimes we all make bad choices, and that doesn't make us Satan's followers, because we can choose to change.

Anna's little eyes were popping out of her head with this discussion.  She paid attention!  She realized she had made mistakes or bad choices in the past, and that didn't mean she was "doomed to be Satan's follower".

I just love how in the middle of the every day routine that is raising children, I get these special moments when I get to help a little person understand the world.  It felt rewarding.

The best part is:  she promised not to go around calling anyone "Satan's follower" ! :)  Success!

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Adrian said...

I love that moment when you can see the wheels in their head turning as they are digesting what you're discussing, and then they come back with a thoughtful, "So what you're saying is..." Woot! THIS is why we talk to our kids. So we get more moments like this. :)

And good for you for helping her not call the mean girl 'Satan's follower'. I may not have encouraged it but would definitely have thought it in my heart of hearts!!