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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet Bonnie Blue Sperry!

For Christmas this year we decided it was time for Santa to fulfill a wish that has been requested for a long time now... Well, since Anna was 2.  So 3 years now.  We have a dog!  We decided to adopt from the Humane Society here in Utah, the thought of giving a dog a good home for Christmas seemed like the right thing to do.  We visited lots of cute animals, but fell in love with Bonnie.  Turns out Bonnie was a special kind of dog, which we weren't aware of, or even cared.  She's a Skye Terrier.  It's a Scottish breed, hence the name Bonnie Blue.  She's about 1 year and a half, and is the cutest thing ever!  We thought we'd wait till Christmas to give her to the girls, but the excitement was just too much for Russ and I, so Bonnie came home today.
Meeting Bonnie for the first time.  Daddy was waiting with Bonnie at the nearest pet store so the girls could help pick out Bonnie's things.  
Girls are still excited and wondering if this is for real.  Anna keeps asking, "can we really take her home???"
Emma finally accepts Bonnie and makes friends.  It didn't take long.
Bonnie is probably wondering who we all are, and why we can't stop staring at her!
Once we're home, Bonnie runs around the entire house and finds her favorite spot, the corner of the couch.  Anna tells us that when we left we were a family of four, now we are a family of five!
Anna, Emma and Bonnie are good friends! ( I know because Bonnie Blue kissed them several times)
Here she is!  She's still in a one week trial with us, to see if we're a good match with each other, but once she's officially ours, I'll be taking her to the grooming salon, to get all dolled up!  She'll be gorgeous!

It's funny how much we all just fell in love with Bonnie, she's already made our home a lot more fun.  What a special Christmas this year!


Adrian said...

She looks so cute! I hope it all works out and she can stay.

Anonymous said...

She really is very sweet. We met her yesterday while Russ was walking her. She didn't bark at us, didn't jump on us. Just let us pet her and talk about how cute she is. I can see why you are so in-love! Probably the cutest dog I have ever been around. - Anne