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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Emma's Reminder!

For Christmas, Daddy got the "New Super Mario Bros Wii" Game and we have all been playing, even Tia Pri. It gets very exciting! It has been fun for us all playing together.

I can really tell Emma, our two year old, was having a fun time with the game (even though she plays with a controller with no batteries). Tonight it was Daddy's turn to pray at family prayer. When Emma and Anna pray, sometimes we whisper things to remind them if they forget (like blessing the food). Tonight just as Daddy was just about to finish the prayer, Emma was very concerned that Daddy had forgotten something. So, innocently and very politely but also very non-discreetly, she reminded me to please bless "get the naughty guys"! We all smiled and laughed a little when the prayer was done! It is such a joy having Emma and her cute personality with us!

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Anonymous said...

I love that Russ is speaking in the "third person."