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Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Russ!

Today we got to keep Russ home from work for a very special reason... it's his birthday!!!!  We started the celebrations of Friday night, with a date night geared towards Russ's favorites:  Red Robin and The Prince of Persia.  Saturday he wanted a lazy day, which included staying in our pj's till noon, playing games and watching a very interesting documentary called
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed [Wide Screen] [DVD]
If you like satire and documentaries... give this a try.  
On Sunday we had our family over for some more birthday fun.  Anna made sure everyone who came over had brought her Daddy a card (as her Mommy blushed).  
Russ got to blow out his candles on a yummy banana cream pie, and we all had a fun time visiting.  We were actually very excited because we had two first time visitors to our home yesterday:

That's our niece Kate!  Isn't she a chunky, delicious thing?  We were so happy to have her visit her uncle Russ for his birthday.  She didn't come alone though,

There's Madi!  Check out the rolly arms!  Oh I love babies!  Anna and Emma had the funnest time loving their cousins.  Anna couldn't tell them apart (she's not the only one) so she referred to them as "this one" and "that one" a lot... We'll have to teach her to look for the bracelets to tell them apart.  She kissed them a ton, and loved them a lot.  Emma just tried to steal their blankets the entire time.  That's her way of welcoming them to the family, right? ;)

Today Daddy started his day out with a delicious breakfast, and a bit of shopping around for his birthday.  He ended up not buying anything (why am I not surprised) but made several very sensible plans for the future of his birthday money.  He's the ying to my yang. :)

For dinner Anna and I brought Russ a surprise:

That is his favorite sandwich in the entire world, the Sicilian from Gandolfo's.  We had to end the day on a wonderful note, right?  We got a candle (the only one I had around, don't judge) and sang to him.  Anna made sure he made a wish.
"But don't tell us what it is, Daddy, or it won't come true!"  

We are so lucky to have another year of RUSS!  There couldn't be three girls more in love with the same man! :)  Thank you for being so lovable, and thank you being ours.  Happy Birthday Russinho!

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Jake and Jeanne said...

I love this post! Happy Birthday Big Brother! :)