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Monday, June 7, 2010

Goodbye Preschool

It's official.  Anna is done with Preschool.  I am so glad she had the chance to have this time to grow and learn and make friends and especially to learn to love school!  Russ and I both take school very seriously in our home, and we were always thrilled to see Anna excited about doing her "homework" or reading her books for school.  We loved seeing her art work and her assignments she brought home from school, and we loved all the fun things she had to share with us.
Here is Anna with her teacher, Ms. Janene.  Can I just tell you how much we love Ms. Janene?  I already told her we'll see her in a couple of years when Emma starts Preschool.  I wouldn't dream of taking her anywhere else.

Now we have an entire summer to play and have fun.  Just me and my girls.
And Daddy when he gets home from work... :)  

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