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Friday, May 28, 2010

My best friend the Magic Eraser

This is Emma, asleep in the car.  Yes, she is hugging a sponge, a magic eraser.  She is in love with it.  She calls it "Clean".  This morning she saw me cleaning a "picture" she made on the floor with crayons, and was just fascinated.  I gave her a sponge of her very own and she won't let it go.  "Where Clean?"  "Where Clean go?", she asks when she can't find it.

Anna was asking me, "why is Emma holding a sponge, Mommy?"  We had just picked her up from Preschool, and she finds her sister passed out and hugging a sponge... I would wonder too!

These two are my everything.


Nicholette said...

Such cuties :)

East Coast Jenny said...

I admire a girl who loves all things that are clean.