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Sunday, March 7, 2010

More bedtime insights with Anna

I was gone last week on a trip to Florida (which Anna confused with Canada). On an interesting discussion, Anna told Mommy this week that dying means falling asleep and your prince is stuck in Florida and cannot kiss you to wake up.

Well, while I was in Florida we used our web camera to chat and see eachother - which was new for the girls and got Anna thinking. After I returned, I was putting Anna to bed with the following conversation:

Anna: Daddy? Does Jesus use a computer?
Daddy (caught offguard): What do you mean Anna?
Anna: Well Heavenly Father and Jesus can always see and hear us.
(Daddy has been working with Anna to understand that our prayers are really heard, and I realized she is really understanding this and taking it on faith, but had finally discovered an explanation that made sense to her).
Daddy: That's right Anna. They do hear and see us, but I don't think they need a computer to do that. But I bet that they know all about how to use computers too!

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Adrian said...

What a great idea! Jesus using a computer!

And also, Russ, found a money blog I thought you might like: www.thesimpledollar.com

Spencer & I like it VERY MUCH.