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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, we are still alive

It has been forever since I've updated our blog.  On my defense, life has been more than crazy the last couple of months.  Since this is a happy blog, I'll just update you on the happy things, sounds good?

One of the biggest things this new year:
Emma is going to Nursery!!!
My baby is a big girl now!  She loves nursery too.  First day we took her she ran right in, didn't miss me at all, participated in the lesson, sat on her chair like a big girl, fought off the bigger kids like a little champ, and even caused some trouble of her own!  How do I know all this you ask?  I spent the rest of church peeking through the peep hole.  She didn't cry at all, but I did.  What a big girl she is!  My baby is not such a baby anymore.  Not only that, but she didn't even miss me.  :(  That hurt a little.  But I'm over it now!  It's wonderful to be able to sit through the meetings again!

Here is Anna, and... can you find Russ in this picture? Anna was showing us the word "camouflage" and what it meant.  Daddy was hidden in between all the toys, so you couldn't see him, just like the bugs, right Mommy? :)  

What have I been up to?  I've been really busy working on a little venture of my own.  Nicholette and I have started this really cute craft blog!  We are getting pretty popular, too, yesterday we had 2983 hits!  Just in one day!  I guess people like to see our work.  Of course, we are hoping this will be a lucrative past time, but for now, we are enjoying the fun of keeping our blog growing and doing something we love, which is crafting!  So if you haven't checked out my blog yet, click on the picture below and tell me what you think!

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Adrian said...

I can't believe Emma's going to nursery- I'm glad it's been so easy (for her). Wow. Can't wait to check out your craft blog!